New Life Fellowship Church was launched in 1989 by founding pastor, Art Webb, and his wife, Carolyn. 

                       Pastor Art Carolyn

The church acquired the current property and original building in the same year. An 8,000 square foot building was added in 1992 to house the Daycare, New Life Child Development Center, and a K-12 School, New Life Christian Academy. A separate sanctuary building was completed in 2007.

After serving for almost 30 years, Pastor Art retired from the Lead Pastor role in April 2019 and currently leads the School and Daycare ministries along with Carolyn.  

Pastor Philip Thomas was appointed as Lead Pastor of the church in May 2019. Along with his wife, Jejee, their passion is to see the church built up in every way to fulfill all of God’s call and purpose. Jejee leads the Daily Bible Reading Group and coordinates a number of the regular activities of the church.