Philip Thomas
Lead Pastor

Pastor Philip has been preaching and teaching the word of God for more than 30 years in various settings. His teaching topics include marriage, parenting, money management, understanding worldviews and culture, small group ministry, worship ministry, and building the local church. He focuses on practical application of Biblical principles and personal discipleship. Philip is currently pursuing a doctorate (Ed.D.) in Christian Leadership at Liberty University. 

Ministry Leaders & Coordinators

Pastor Philip Thomas, Pastor Art Webb, Carolyn Webb, Coy Carter, Mike Lanier, and John Peter Nagavelu serve on the church board. Bridget Henry serves as the Church Administrator and the Director of the school, New Life Christian Academy. Janet Pender serves as the Director of the daycare, New Life Child Development Center.

Jejee Thomas leads the Women's Bible Study and coordinates a number of activities at the church. John Peter Nagavelu leads the Men's Fellowship meetings. Manju Jacob leads the Women's Prayer meetings. Hannah Albert leads the Nursery & Sunday School ministry. Zac Jacob coordinates social activities, including Family Night and Game Night.