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Over the last month, we've been talking with the teens about the Bible. One of the things I've learned over many years is that when God brings the same passage to me in multiple ways, I need to pay attention. On Sunday, I was sharing about a time when God spoke directly to me through Jeremiah 20. I opened the Bible to the passage, shared the story, went to read it, and noticed I had turned to Jeremiah 30 instead of 20. 

Today I went to do my readings for the day and what should I find? Jeremiah 30 was the Old Testament passage, specifically Jeremiah 30:12-22. I'll let you read it on your own.

The passage is a conversation between God (through Jeremiah) and the people of Israel and Judah. In it, He explains that the suffering they are experiencing is a result of their disobedience. They shouldn't be surprised because God warned them and now the consequences have come. This should come as no surprise to us because we experience the same thing as children of God. He tells us that He disciplines those that He loves. That is the reason this reading is in the season of Lent. God warns us, and then consequences come...

...but here's the promise! "I will give you back your health and heal your wounds." There is an assumption of repentance and return, and then restoration. God does not leave us in our sin, neither does He leave us in discipline. There is always restoration!

Marilyn and I relate to these ideas of injuries and wounds. That's why I believe God highlighted this passage to me. Most of our injuries are not the result of sin and were caused by others. Regardless, there is the promise of restoration and joy. That is the promise to which we cling... and that causes us to worship. God's restoration in your life should cause you to worship as well.

So say we all...


Great Things

Son of Heaven

What a Beautiful Name

Nothing Else

...and we are learning

Child of God